This is a list of darkroom projects and articles. Select a project to learn more about it.

A copy arm for the Durst M605 enlarger is in the 3D printing section. .

The Darkroom Project

My darkroom between 1999 and 2019.

The Darkroom Project 2

Converting a bedroom to a darkroom.

PC-512 Borax Developer

A Phenidone/Ascorbic Acid developer.

Thornton Two Bath Developer

Notes and thoughts on using Thornton’s Two Bath developer.

5x4 Development Tubes

5x4 Development Tubes Initially I didn’t do a lot of work with 5x4 sheet film. Not enough to warrant using large capacity tanks, at least. A motorized base and drum was also an unessential item at that time. So this left me with conventional tray development, or trying a self- constructed developing tube. I went with the tube option. This requires some 1.5 inch diameter black ABS pipe, two caps, three joining pieces, and three discs cut from black ABS sheet.

Adapting the Versalab 11x14 to wash 20x16 inch prints

Using an 11x14 Versalab print washer to wash two 16x20 prints at a time.


Notes on choosing and using balances for home photographic use.

Beseler Negaflat 5x4

Beseler Negaflat 5x4 in. The Negaflat ® carrier is an attempt at producing a glassless negative carrier that is not subject to negative sag or ‘popping’ due to temperature changes. It works by gripping the rebates of the negative and drawing it taut using spring jaws. There is a potential for damage with soft emulsion, though it does not seem to occur in normal use. The benefit over a glass carrier is fewer dust collecting surfaces.