This is a list of photographic projects. Select a project to learn more about it.

Cyanotypes (Sunprint)

Basic contact prints This set of prints were made with Sunprint ® commercial cyanotype paper. This material is commonly found in museum stores and craft outlets, and can also be obtained by mail order. There are other commercial products, and cyanotype chemistry is available from sources such as the Photographers Formulary either as a kit or as bulk chemicals. The typical paper used is a watercolor type which is dimensionally stable and handles the repeated soaking well.

Mare Island Photographs, Vallejo, California

These photographs were made on a group visit in 2004. Things have changed a lot in the past 18 years, and the locations for about half the images no longer exist.

World-Wide Pinhole Photography Day

This is held on the last Sunday in April. Details may be found at the World-Wide Pinhole Photography Day site. Various cameras have been used for these pictures. The most used is a Zero Image 6x9cm rollfilm camera. Some pictures were made using a wooden cigar box modified to take 5x4in sheet film holders, and some using a pinhole mounted on a Wista or MPP 5x4 camera. The Zero Image and the wooden box camera are both wide-angle designs.