World-Wide Pinhole Photography Day

This is held on the last Sunday in April. Details may be found at the World-Wide Pinhole Photography Day site. Various cameras have been used for these pictures. The most used is a Zero Image 6x9cm rollfilm camera. Some pictures were made using a wooden cigar box modified to take 5x4in sheet film holders, and some using a pinhole mounted on a Wista or MPP 5x4 camera. The Zero Image and the wooden box camera are both wide-angle designs. The Wista and MPP 5x4 cameras are limited by the need to drop the bed to keep it out of the view. The Will Travel is a 3D printed camera, in this case the Will Travel 58/65mm model fitted with a pinhole in place of a lens.

Images by year

The links lead to the WPPD site.

2004 Zero Image 6x9

2005 Zero Image 6x9

2006 Wista 4x5 with pinhole

2007 Zero Image 6x9

2008 Zero Image 6x9

2009 Zero Image 6x9

2010 Zero Image 6x9

2011 Cigar box 4x5

2012 Zero Image 6x9

2013 Cigar box 4x5

2014 Cigar box 4x5

2015 No entry

2016 MPP VII with pinhole and 6x9 roll film back

2017 Zero Image 6x9

2018 Zero Image 6x9

2019 Zero Image 6x9

2020 Zero Image 6x9

2021 Will Travel 4x5 58/65mm body

2022 Will Travel 4x5 58/65mm body

2023 Zero Image 6x9