3D Printing

A collection of 3D printed objects and designs. Mostly photographic items and notes on the QIDI X-Plus printer at the moment.

Mamiya TLR Rear Lens Caps

Printing Mamiya TLR rear lens caps in TPU.

Experiences with Will Travel 3D Printed Cameras

Notes on printing two different size bodies, and configuring the 55/65mm for a pinhole, and the 90mm for a Super-Angulon 90mm f8 lens.

Printing the 6x12 Roll Film Holder by Edgar Kech

Printing Edgar Kech’s 6x12 Roll Film Holder.

QIDI X-Plus Notes and Hacks

Simple low resistance filament feed; Raspberry Pi camera print monitor.

Durst M605 Copy Arm

A copy arm for use on the Durst M605 enlarger chassis as an alternative to the Siriocam.

Galvin 2x3 Adapter to use Wista/Technika Lensboards

Galvin 2x3 Monorail - An adapter back to use Wista/Technika Lens Boards.

Galvin 2x3 with 4x5 holders

Galvin 2x3 Monorail - An adapter back to use 4x5 holders for a 9x9cm format.