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Coffee mug with slogan Old Photographers never die they just go out of focus.
Old Photographers never die they just go out of focus - coffee mug circa 1980

I have had a hobby interest in general photography since the mid-1970’s, with a minor use for technical photography in some of my work. These days my interests are strictly personal and met mainly by medium and large format cameras, hence much of the content in these pages.

My later paid work involved a lot of computer integration and computer systems management, and that is where the interest in 3D printing originated.

Site history

This site, and the associated domains (gapatterson.org and gapatterson.com), has gone through several revisions, and at least three hosting services. The original was hand-coded HTML, then moving to static site generators with Webgen, and now being re-implemented with Hugo. The Webgen site worked fairly well, but the system is implemented in Ruby, and design adjustments needed more Ruby skills than I could justify. Hugo uses Golang which is a better fit to my other interests.

Most of the content on the old site was already in Markdown format, and transferred easily to Hugo with the addition of some Hugo Front Matter. Porting the Mamiya TLR pages was hardest, as the source document was in Microsoft DOCX format with some really large tables. New material has been originated in Markdown.


This site does not use databases or executable code, and does not request user input. The web server may record network addresses used by the connection.


This site uses the hugo-snap-gallery by Max Mehl mail @ mehl.mx under the MIT license for some photographic pages. The main theme is ‘basic’ from the Hugo repository, with various modifications.

This release of the site was built using Hugo version 0.123.3 Extended .

To reach the author

Email g_a_patterson @ yahoo.com. Please put a reasonably descriptive subject line on the message.


These are ones I use. There are others.

Various references to other services appear on this site. Links are usually provided in context, but the most common ones are also listed here. Links are not endorsements - I receive no return from them, nor can I warrant any product or service mentioned. Do your own research.

This site represents my personal opinions, and has nothing to do with any past, present, or future employers.

[Last edit: Expanded on the Webgen to Hugo shift. ]