Mamiya C Camera

Mamiya C220 Photo Page

Lens change baffle

Shown in the down position. The rear of the lens element is visible as the bellows are retracted. (C220 pictured)

Film baffle raised for lens exchange

The red dot for aligning the film on loading is visible on the lower left guide rail. (C220 pictured)

C220 left side

Shows the focus and exposure / parallax compensation scales. Both scales read against the edge of the camera body. The lens release interlock can be seen projecting from the body at the top of the picture, level with the window above the baffle control knob. This only projects with the baffle in the ‘Unlocked’ position, and only operates the cam when the bellows are retracted.

Lens release interlock

This is the small lever below the lens retaining wire on the inside of the lens panel frame.

C220 right side

Showing 120/220 counter setting lever, frame counter windows, and single / multi exposure control. The folding crank extended from the film advance knob.

Pressure plate set to 120 film (C220 pictured)


The focus scale plate on the C220

This resembles those used on the C33 and earlier models. The curved line for the lens in use is read against the vertical scale on the front of the camera body. The horizontal scale at the bottom of the picture is for exposure compensation (in stops), and for parallax compensation using the ruled lines on the focusing screen.


Fixed C220 screen

Shows the 1.5x and 2x correction lines (Two horizontal lines in the top third of the finder, showing as light or dark depending on the background). The finder has been removed. The cable release connection is visible in the upper right corner of the picture.