Mamiya C Camera

Mamiya TLR System Summary - Chapter 9

9 Third-party Accessories and Conversions

9.1 Beattie focusing screens

Known to have been manufactured for the C220, C330, C330f, and C330s models. It is understood that they do not have the exposure compensation scale (see section 6.4 for a finder insert), though potential purchasers are advised to confirm this with the manufacturer.

9.2 Cokin filter mount

A mounting for Cokin P series filters has been designed. For further information see Photon magazine August 1996 issue (This site may be defunct or under re-construction (June 8) ? Icon Publications do not appear to be publishing Photon at this time.). At the time of writing the compiler of this summary has no personal knowledge of this item, or current availability. June 1998: The designer / manufacturer does not appear to be reachable.

9.3 Brightscreens

Screens are listed for the C330, C330f, and C330s. See ( for details.

9.4 Other finders

At least one example is known of a C330 with a 45 degree prism (a Kiev 88 part?) fitted. It appears to have been a permanent fixture to the focusing screen. 45 degree prism finder

A 45 degree Kiev prism finder adapted to the Mamiya

A commercial implementation of this idea can be seen at the Kiev prism conversion at Baierfoto ( This company offered (Baier Fototechnik appears to be no longer trading) custom adapted 45 degree prisms in both metered and non-metered versions. It is also removable. The 45 degree angle of the eyepiece makes these finders something between a chimney and a conventional pentaprism in use. Keeping the camera at chest height should improve stability and handling compared to the pentaprism for most people.

There appears to be a Kiev prism adapter on Thingiverse which may be of interest.

9.5 Maxwell screens

Alternative screens can be obtained from Maxwell Precision Optics, (404) 244-0095 (United States of America).

9.6 Long roll Mamiyaflexes

At least two of these are known to exist. They consist of a large film magazine to hold 70mm (?) film mated to a Mamiya TLR body.

The lens in both examples was a 135mm, and one had a self-cocking shutter installed. The film is motor-driven through the camera. These appear to be non-commercial conversions. The nearest similar equipment would be the Hulcher cameras and some of the military bomb-bay cameras. These could take 100 feet of film and expose at around 8-10 frames per second. About 480 frames in under one minute. The Mamiya conversions would appear to be similar. The TLR design would be a good choice – most of the advantages of a single lens reflex, but no mirror to move.

9.7 Sekonic L-208 light meter mounting

This was a nice item about mounting the basic Sekonic L-208 lightmeter to a Mamiya TLR using the meter’s supplied flash shoe foot. The article was at Sivergrain’s Wiki, and also discussed the Gossen Digisix and Cosina VC meters. The article seems to be no longer available.