Mamiya C Camera

Mamiya TLR System Summary - Chapter 13

13 On-line Sources

13.0 World-Wide Web Sites

As is the nature of the Web, sites come and go, and contain varying amounts of information. These are the ones I find worth keeping an eye on.

1 Mamiya America Inc. ( ) used to have a web page with a User Forum for older cameras which included considerable discussion on the TLRs. As of February 2007 this service appears to have been closed. A lot of accumulated lore went away with this service. They can supply manuals for some models (C3*, C33*, C330F*, C330S, C220F (*photocopies)) within the USA only. An online version of the C330 manual in Portable Document Format format is available. A similar facility is provided by Mamiya UK ( ). The various Mamiya agents have been posting revised history documents in the past year or so that under-play or ignore the Mamiya C series.

2 The new database-supported Medium Format Digest is the Medium Format forum at Photo Net ( ).

3 Photrio is often a good place to ask film camera related questions.

4 There is some useful material on Barry Toogood’s including a reprint of a 2006 article from the British Amateur Photographer magazine.

5 Wikipedia Mamiya History Page. Also has a link to the Internet Archive Mamiya pages which includes the About Mamiya page with history preior to the company sale.

Otherwise, try some carefully crafted searches. It often pays to dig beyond the first couple of pages – film cameras are becoming a smaller and smaller niche interest.