Mamiya C Camera

Mamiya TLR System Summary - Chapter 17

17 Early Mamiya TLRs

Mamiya started producing twin-lens reflex cameras in the immediate post-Second World War period. There are plenty of pictures on the web. It does not take much study to see that there is a lot in common with the design of the Rolleflex/Rolleicord, Yashicamat, the Minolta Autocord, and the MPP Microcord, to pick just a few. It is only with the model C series that Mamiya went places no other major producers did with the TLR. It is arguable that Peter Gowland’s Gowlandflex took the bellows TLR to the ultimate extreme.

The following notes come from material published on the old Mamiya website. Note that the dates do not necessary indicate the start of production, but could represent publicity or general availability dates.

August 1948 Mamiya Flex Junior

Front lens focusing

July 1949 Mamiya Flex Automat A

Automatic film advance/shutter cocking, film counter reset

May 1951 Mamiya Flex-I

Advanced version of the Junior with an auto cocking shutter.

February 1952 Mamiya Flex-II

Improved version of Flex-I with sports finder and self-timer.

??? The Mamiya Flex Automat B should come here chronologically? Listed in some sources as 1953-54.

October 1955 Mamiya Automat AII

Weight-reduced version of Automat with multi-exposure and self-timer.

January 1956 Mamiya Automat BII

‘Sister’ model of the Automat B with sports finder.

November 1956 Mamiya Flex A III

Addition of a self-timer to the Automat A-II

October 1957 Mamiya Flex C Professional

Interchangable lenses, bellows focusing, and the C series starts.