Mamiya C Camera

Mamiya TLR System Summary - Chapter 18

18 Old history

July 2023: Moved all this to the end of the document. It is not that interesting!

Additions June 2015: Added a short chronology of the early Mamiya twin-lens reflex cameras.

Changes in December 2014: Mainly a change in the web production from the Office document original. The only significant content change is the removal of the Depth of Field tables. There are so many on-line calculators and portable device applications now that this section seems superfluous.Changes in January / February 2007: The main point of note is that Mamiya USA appears to have closed their User Forum, so section 13 has been revised to reflect this fact. There is a nice picture of a Brazilian C330 on Flickr at the moment from Bruno Mooca. The direct link is though it may not stay forever. There is a useful overview of the Mamiya TLRs on Barry Toogood’s which includes a reprint of a 2006 article from the British Amateur Photographer magazine.

Changes in 2006: Mostly updates to serials and letter codes.

Changes since June 2005: More letter codes. C22 with ‘S’ body serial prefix.

Changes since January 2005: Mounting hand meters to the flash shoe (Section 9.7), Section 1.14 on Brazilian Mamiyas added. Update on the 80mm’S’. Updated information on the Mamiyaflex-PF in section 1.13.

Changes since January 2006: Added some serials from a Mamiyaflex C/8cm 2.8 combination. , C22 serial number prefix.Changes in 2004: Long-roll conversions. (Section 9.6); corrected web link in the on-line references; more letter codes; example serial number tabulation.

Changes since February 2003: Details on Seikosha-MX, -SLV, and –S shutters expanded. More information on letter codes. More information on the C33/C22 220 capability and development. Added link to C2 manual on the Web.

Changes since December 2002: Note on C330/C330f screen adjustment in section 7.1

Changes since October 2002: Revised Paramender details.

Changes since September 2002: Added Section 6.7 on crank adapters for the film advance knob on early models.

Changes since May 2002: Corrected 330s removable back details.

Changes since December 2001: Added a notice about citation and reuse.

Changes since February 2001: Changed to a more up to date version of Rich Text Format and RTFtoHTML conversion. This has changed the core file names. It has also required extensive modification to the embedded URLs. To avoid broken reference links, the old files will be converted to redirections to the new main page. Third party accessories section 9 expanded to include ‘one off’ modifications. Added section 9.4 on Other finders to note a custom 45 degree prism fitting. Extensive new information on Single Exposure Backs. This site has been referenced (without endorsement) on the Mamiya America web site, and in the current McBroom’s Camera Blue Book. Added a note about MACO 820c infra-red film to section 2.10. Added illustration of C330s strap lug. Added link to DIY Paramender project. Included specific notes about citation in active auctions. Added comments on the anti-reflection material in the film box.

Changes since January 21st 2001: Corrected error that miss-rendered the exposure compensation table. Added new letter codes to the dating section, and provided a new tabulation.

Changes since June 2000: Which lenses were marked with centimetre focal lengths? More Mamiyaflex information. The sportsfinder mask PostScript program has been converted to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

Changes since February 2000: Added note on lens hood mounting of oversize filters. Commenced adding an index. Another letter code to the date table. More information about the Mamiyaflex and MX series lenses. This document is now four years old!

Changes since 27th September 1999: Added link to online C330 manual (in PDF format) at Mamiya USA in section 13. Updated information on Front Element exchanges in section 11.6. An 80mm f3.7 chrome has been seen, but details are still sketchy - section 3.3. Added more detail to the Mamiyaflex entry. Added some more letter codes. Firmed up dates for the C330 variants, and broad dates for the black lens variants (section 4.0 ). Revised notes on lens coatings. Included note about Seiko shutter variants.

Changes since 14th August 1999: Link to a Polaroid modification example (Section 8.2). The document history has been split in the interests of legibility.

Changes since 16th April 1999: The Compiler of this document has moved to California, but the home of this document will remain a UK server for the immediate future. Do not adjust your links… Minor changes to C3, C33 and C22 concerning focus scales.

Changes since 25th February 1999: minor alterations to wording of section 7.0 (focusing screens). Added section 11.8 on flash guns. Commenced adding glossary of terms.

Changes since 20th January 1999: Note the change of email address and preferred URL.

Changes since 9th January 1999: The Depth of Field calculator code,, has been revised to suit PostScript document managers such as Ghostview. Note about different infinity focus bellows extension added to lenses section.

Changes since 1st January 1999: Added pictures of basic grip holder (6.2.1), metered chimney finder (6.4.5), and prism finder (6.4.8).

Changes since 11th October 1998: New URL for Jan-Jaap’s Mamiya pages.

Changes since 27th September 1998: Addition of Porrofinder photograph;

Changes since 26th July 1998: Inserted missing decimal point in sportfinder aperture table (section 6.4); New web link to a Mamiya TLR review (13); Corrected a few of the mis-spellings(!); More thoughts on the dating question.

Changes since 27th June 1998: Added images of: C330 focusing scale (1.7), C330 WLF (6.4.1), C330S WLF (6.4.2), comparison view of 6 of the 7 black lenses(4), and the lens lock / focal length programming control from a C330 at (5.1).

Changes since 29th May 1998: New sub-section 2.10 on Infra-red. Amended sub-section 2.5 to include flash connection problems. Added sub-section 2.11 on causes of focus discrepancies. Added sub-section 11.7 on film advance problems. Enhanced sub-section 2.8 to include polarising and graduate filters. The distance tables have been revised to show Feet and Inches in place of the twelfths fractions. I hope I haven’t missed any.

Changes since 26th April 1998: Note about C3 shutter / transport interlock. Clarification of alignment for sportsfinder masks. Comments on model variations. Comments on self-timers added. Section 1.0.x renumbered.

Changes since 1st March 1998: Updated C330s details. Revised details on 65mm black and 80S lenses. Added YashicaMat to table of comparative weights. More information on the Mirror Finder.

Changes since 6th February 1998: Minor change to CdS magnifier, explicit note on non-Polaroid capability. Various minor changes. Addition of an alternative DOF calculator link.

Changes since 20th January 1998: HTML link correction

Changes since 13th January 1998: Revised details on CdS Magnifying Hood, 80mm ‘S’, Black lens click-stops. Revised C2 details. ‘Mirror finder’ note.

Changes since 3rd October 1997: Two more lens sizes added to rear lens caps information. Finder coverage value added. Updated notes on the C330/f focusing screens. New sub-section (11.4) on front-element converters. New sub-section (11.5) on pin-hole adaptation. Updated C2 details. Revised information on exposure compensation (5).

Since the original document is no longer in Word, the Word index has been removed.